Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Rank video on the 1st page on google and Youtube 2020

Here we try to make it very easy with an explanation for everyone if you were really thinking or have been asked yourself like when exactly the lockdown will be eased and people will start their life normally like before and back to jobs. Or may I start looking for making money from online business? good question.

Those wonders and questions are all around the world and everyone asks those questions in those critical time, but there are no clear answers yet, but my advice to you is instead you set down doing searching or googling about it, reading articles about the lockdown, it seems a wasting of time rather searching to keep you busy, and making you money from online while you stay at home, so now whether you're in lockdown or social distancing, make sure that you look after yourself and make the most of your time in isolation. self-care and self- learning is an essential part of staying happy and thinking about how to start a business online, but for now you can start it very easily by giving yourself a time to search and googling on the internet and searching for an article about business and making money online 2020 from home.

That why we've focused to update our blog with this great post that can help people in this critical situation, it may help someone to benefit from it, so if you were searching for the easiest way to make money online from home in 2020 very fast with the full income in this lockdown time, congratulations! you made a good decision.
But, before we go far; in this article, you will learn about creating a youtube channel, and sign up Adsense account, then the is last how to rank a video on the 1st page on google and youtube.  

To start your online business with Youtube is easy and totally free to sign up, all you need to getting started with is a valid Gmail account verified with phone number and location, so if you have one already, you can use it to sign up and creating your Youtube channel brand. And if you don't have a Gmail account then you can create a new one with a unique business name and use it to sign up and get started.

First: creating a youtube channel.

If you need help to create a Youtube channel you can always find help on youtube help.
after you created your youtube channel successfully, then you should read youtube policies, & terms and conditions carefully to understand and comply with it to keep your channel safe.

Second: sign up on Adsense.
Before you sign up on Adsense please read about Adsense program policies.
Here are all you need to get your channel starting to monetize with the AdSense and to generating income from your youtube channel.
After creating your youtube channel, then you will need minimum eligibility requirements to join the youtube partner program (YPP).

Here are the requirements:

1- First you must live in a country where the Youtube Partner Program is available.
2- Your videos must reach 4,000 public watch time in the last 12 months.
3- Your channel must reach 1,000 Subscribers.

Follow the Youtube Partner Program policies to meet the requirements, and you can learn within Youtube from other people videos how to grow your Youtube channel easy & fast to reach 4,000 public watch time and 1,000 subscribers within a period of 12 months.   

To get started just give yourself time by using Youtube channel to learn from others how to create content videos and published on your own youtube channel, then here you will start to begin making real money online.

Third: Ranking video on the first page on google and youtube.

then after you created your youtube channel and connecting it successfully with Adsense account, here you can start thinking about ranking your videos like others on the 1st page on google and Youtube with a new unique marketing way in 2020.
The good thing you should keep on your mine is; always learn from youtube itself by searching for videos with the question you may have. 


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