Sunday, 28 July 2019

About EK Falgu

Who's is EK Falgu? 

      EK Falgu is a musician artist Singer from South Sudan, he is a songwriter, music producer, and businessman.               

 A South Sudanese pop artist singer was born on 11/01/1987 in Western Bhar El Gazal state (Wau), East Africa.

He lived in Al Khartoum Sudan, Medina Al Bashir as a child, and attended high school in India, & graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Computer Science.          

He started his career in the music industry in 1998, in the Republic of Sudan in East-Central Africa  “ Khartoum “, he has released several R&B hits albums vocals with hip-hop beats, and he has also released songs collaborated with many other African's musician's artists including music Band in Sudan.


His first moving it was on 07/12/2010, when he participated in a competition name“ TOP 10 “ Artist singers in Khartoum Sudan, with Raccor company, and out of 1200 subscribers he manages to reach the last top 50 artists, and that has made him first artist singer-rapper in his Community “Balanda Bviri“ in Wau state- South Sudan, and he also performed in a different part of Africa in North Sudan, South Sudan, and performed live stage song/ Social media in India.

He also was interviewed by Radio Mirraia FM in the republic of Sudan-Khartoum in 2010, about his new music styles & he won a T-shirt and received awards. And in 2014 he interviewed by Radio Voice of Hope in Wau state, South Sudan.               

In 2010 he participated in the concert graduation ceremony of Firtit students from the various universities, and colleges in Khartoum Sudan, which took place in Wau Town in (Wau Theater) South Sudan, and he performed internationally.

He later, launch and present a mobile app dedicated to him where people can stream and listen to all the famous and popular songs and videos released. So now people don’t need to go anywhere to enjoy the songs and videos of EK Falgu. They can find them all in this wonderful application. So now fans easily stream the videos, listen to the songs, and show their love for artists within a click.

Ek Falgu has an early passion for music, especially in R&B, hip hop, and pop. 

He added his music videos on the official YouTube channel and his music playlists are available on digital platforms, on Spottily music, apple, and amazon, and internet radios. 

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