Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Mina Ukaza Wili Viri new music album 2020 is out


An African artist singer/ Mina Ukaza has released her first music album. 
A South Sudanese artist/ Mina Ukaza- Wili Viri, she is currently based live in North America has released her new music first, album audios 13/07/ 2020 named it “Dangell Murda Ka Viri”, which means “People be united”, and has 7 songs.
This new music album contains different types of music and mood such as; gospel song, new African music (Afrobeat), and she made a tow official music video and published them on her YouTube channel, music videos titles, “Dangell Murda”,” nja Tama”, where it gathers a lot of views. And also she collaborated on one song title: (Wau ndi ndaa) with artist pop singer “EK Falgu”. And this song is available on all music digital platforms.                                                                                                      

            Mina Ukaa picture 2020      

She is very popular with the Balanda Viri Community and some of her popular songs are “Nja tama”, ” Dangell Murda”,” Wau ndi nda”. The theme of most of her songs is “LOVE”, and ”UNITY”.                                                                                                          

Here are the lists of the names of her songs in the album she released “Dangell Murda ka Viri”:

1- 1   - Dangell Murda.

2- 2  -  Nja tama.

3-  3 -  Vee ndi lii tau.

4-    4 - Njallong.

5-  7 -   Awalandu nu a mere gutee.

6-    8 - Dikpo kpo Nagederee.

7-   9 -  Zoki ze ndaa vee.

Those all songs and videos are available on her official youtube channel under her name "Mina Ukaza".

Artist/ Mina Ukaza as an earlier passion in traditional music type, where she was performed locally in North Sudan and participated in some celebration organized by the Balanda community in Egypt.

She promised to launch a new album in the feature to entertain her fans and many more.

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